The world is getting faster and faster and more and more confusing. For this reason, it’s important to have support. This is where the digital concierge app PoCo comes into play. The butler app offers customized solutions for everyone. Whether you’re a business man or a retiree, the Pocket Concierge App helps you fulfill your wishes. Whether you’re planning a city break for the weekend or want to find a new restaurant in your hometown, PoCo helps you find, book and manage it.

Why Pocket Concierge?

Because the Concierge app offers an unbeatable service, you get all the information directly from your pocket. And all this according to the principle Interactive, Integrated and Individualized.

  • Interactive Pocket Concierge

With the help of the Pocket Concierge App you can connect directly with hotels, tour operators and local partners. PoCo is highly interactive! Connect and find the right offer for you.

  • Integrated Pocket Concierge

The Pocket Concierge app is the only app on the market you need when you want to discover a city. You can see everything the city has to offer.

  • Individualized Pocket Concierge

Based on your time, location and personal preferences, users get customized suggestions to experience something. You want to go to the casino after a movie? No problem. POCO helps you find a casino near you and save money on admission.

How does the Pocket Concierge App work?

The first step is of course to download the POCO app. This is possible with just a few clicks. After that, it is necessary for you to register. During this step you have the possibility to customize your Pocket Concierge App. You can choose a different background image and choose between “Business Mode” and “Private Mode”. It is important that you provide your personal information. In order for the POCO app to unfold properly, we need the usual data from you, so:

  • Profile name
  • Place of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • gender
  • Marital status

Based on these inputs, the algorithm will help you discover new things. Once you have finished registering, you will receive a list of recommendations. This ranges from individualized suggestions based on your preferences, to highlights from POCO experts, suggestions based on your current location, your mood, as well as generally popular suggestions.

This means that you can both actively search for something in the Pocket Concierge app, but also leave this work to the app itself.

You’re sitting with your wife in Vienna with a glass of red wine and you discuss what else you could do on a balmy summer evening in the capital. Now POCO sends you the suggestion that St. Stephen’s Cathedral is very close by. This sight is very popular with tourists. However, you are more in the mood for a soccer match. Using the search function, the PoCo app already finds a home game of Rapid Wien, where you can also buy tickets directly and choose a good seat. Sounds good? It is!

Pocket Concierge learns with

Transportation, food & hospitality, concerts & events, extreme sports, shopping, nightlife, fitness & wellness, sightseeing, gambling. No matter what your heart beats for, POCO supports you. The great thing about it: The Pocket Concierge App learns with you! If you feel like going to a soccer game in Berlin, you might feel the same way in Munich or Vienna. Suddenly you’d rather go to a museum? No problem. POCO always provides you with personalized suggestions that you can accept or reject depending on your mood. The large network of local partners guarantees that the app will never let you down!

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