Dubai the hottest destination for influencers

One thing’s for sure: Dubai’s planners are now consciously building with the Instagram aesthetic in mind

Dubai, the inn city of the Middle East was recognized as one of the most Instagrammed skyline in the world. The city known for being a business, economical and touristic hub, is now the go-to place for influencers seeking to enrich their content, storytelling and feeds with this mix of high-tech and rooted Middle Eastern cache.

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The efficient strategic planning of Dubai and everlasting development reaffirmed the city as one of the main aesthetic and architectural attractions in the world.

With more than five million hashtags, the cosmopolitan city is becoming a hub for influencers from all over the world who are playing a key role in developing the tourism industry.

A recent study, conducted by the construction company Lavastar, based on tall building data and trusty hashtags has produced a list of the top skylines that influencers are posting the most.

The study benchmarked ten of the tallest buildings in 25 cities, using hashtags to determine their popularity.

It is no surprise that Dubai was among the top 5 gram-ability city ranking second after Paris to out-pass New York, Tokyo and Toronto.

In a world where Social Media is everything, Dubai is now a magnet for stars, Jet-Setters and Instagram fanatics trying to explore new destinations for leisure and ultimate fun.

Right after the Eiffel Tower, the Burj Khalifa outdid historical monuments and renowned architectural landmarks including New York Empire State building, and the Shard in London.

Dubai, fueled by the alignment of aesthetics and a desire to boost the economy, retains an enticing charm for Instagram as the platform itself. The app established its main Middle East headquarters in Dubai, of course along with Facebook. Instagram is a platform that aspires to the young people, and this is manifested in this city. The Generation Z now trust the influencers for information almost equally to the brands they represent.

Everything your eye captures in Dubai was put out there for a purpose; nothing is even close to accidental, from the skyscrapers to the reinvented islands that are the gated communities for the top-notch class segment. Dubai’s planners are now consciously building with the Instagram aesthetic in mind. One of the city’s main allures is “The Frame”, a gold tracery muted rectangle of 150m in height that, from the right angle, with the viewer’s back to the neighborhood of Al Karama, edges the famous Burj Khalifa.

Knowing the exponential growth in the number of influencers visiting Dubai competing for fame, soon enough, they will all be offering the same content. The main question remains: who will discover first the next hot destination?

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