UAE: one of the most desired countries for expats

A recent study conducted by global network InterNations, the United Arab Emirates hit 18 out of 59 most desired country for overseas workers. Taiwan led the list for the third year in a row followed by Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia and Portugal, according to the latest study.

Quality of life, the ease of settling in, work, income and the cost of living were the main criteria the study was based on. Covid-19 pandemic was an essential factor discussed by the respondents considering how the UAE handled the management of this crisis by containing the spread of the virus without shutting off the country completely.

With circa eight million expats choosing UAE as home, it is no surprise that the emirates are an exciting and enticing destination for those choosing living and working abroad.

The diversified restaurant scene and world culinary art, all-year-round sunny weather and lots of extreme and family-friendly activities level it up as an attractive destination for work whether you’re an early bird or spent more than 30 years living there.
Without even holding its passport, expats feel the belonging and the safety of living whilst the most important feeling towards the UAE remains the love for this country and the pride of its recent ranking.

One of the major factors is how smooth it is to live the emirates life without speaking the local language and it is no surprise that the UAE has topped this category, with 93% of the respondents saying they can easily get by without using the Arabic language.

Now when talking about living in the UAE, most of the time we are talking about the City of Dubai rather than the entire country.  This is where the cosmopolitans’ agglomerate in the emirate, and mostly where they can find the jobs they seek. Dubai is also the lifestyle hub for the jet setters of the region.

Dubai’s lifestyle is a factor you will never get to hear expats whining about.  Even if at some point of the year the heat dominates, the indoor air-conditioned activities, the plenty of entertainments of all sorts including amazing shopping will make you easily forget this extreme weather condition.

From a range of theme parks to private beach clubs, amazingly affluent shopping malls to gigantic high-tech cinema complexes and the richness of restaurants’ cuisines, from indoor skiing to the most upbeat international music festivals from all genres – Dubai really does have it all.

Dubai is genuinely an invigorating country that overtures a great potential for an unmatched lifestyle. Even though it still holds a conservative legacy and tradition that you will end up accepting easily, Dubai is genuinely an invigorating country that overtures a great potential for an unmatched lifestyle being a true world-class dream of a futuristic forward-looking city.  

If you are the type of person who succeeds on thrill and excitement, Dubai and the UAE could well be the perfect place to call home.