Get POCO’ing to choose where you stay and dine in Abu Dhabi

With a plethora of hotels, a huge variety of dining options, and an abundance of cuisine choices, Abu Dhabi will satisfy all your needs and wishes as a tourist and resident alike. Food lovers will be spoiled for choice with the countless restaurants, alfresco dining venues, coffee shops, shisha terraces, brunch settings, afternoon teas, cafés, pubs, bars, bistros and clubs, serving an array of different cuisines. You can have your pick of hotels as well, from budget to five-star and in various locations around the city or by the beach. The choice is yours POCOs.

Modern and cosmopolitan, Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a world-class destination continues to grow, thanks to the Emirate’s heritage, culture and tourism activities and attractions. The city is also becoming a renowned culinary destination, especially when it comes to fine dining. The capital of the United Arab Emirates has a stellar selection of high-end restaurants and many Michelin-starred chefs have opened restaurants here, offering outstanding food and impeccable service in line with world-class culinary standards. Many of these fine dining venues are located in the city’s luxury hotels.

Abu Dhabi Dining


Wherever you decide to stay or dine, you will feel welcome and taken care off. Hospitality and generosity are traits deeply rooted in the Arab culture. Guests are always greeted with a genuine Marhaba, meaning welcome in Arabic. For generations, dining has been a communal celebration with food being shared amiably over a dinner table or, in the early days, beneath the cover of Bedouin tents in the desert. Guests and travelers can still experience this traditional generosity in Abu Dhabi’s restaurants and hotels.

Where to stay

Abu Dhabi is host to a multitude of hotels, suites and villas for visiting tourists, featuring a range of different standards and styles. From budget hotels to the palatial Emirates Palace, for the single traveler or the entire extended family, with Arabic interior decoration or in ultra-modern style, Abu Dhabi offers hospitality at its best. Although it’s impossible to list them we are delighted to give you a list of the coolest neighborhoods in which to stay in Abu Dhabi:

  • Saadiyat Island – One of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi, this is the place to go for large villa complexes, five-star hotels and romantic beachfront accommodation
  • Al Reem Island – Close to the Abu Dhabi Corniche, Al Reem Island is home to the city’s financial district. Al Reem Island is the heart of Abu Dhabi’s commercial district featuring some of the most futuristic views of the Emirate
  • The Corniche – Situated right alongside the dazzling main beach of Abu Dhabi, the Corniche is one of the most beautiful areas to stay while in the city
  • Al Reef – A classic urban-lifestyle ambiance, Al Reef is ideal for those who want to explore the city life of Abu Dhabi, with a perfect balance of classy townhouses and elegant hotels
  • Khalidiya – One of the most lively and largest neighborhoods of Abu Dhabi, mainly because of its large Western expat community, Khalidiya is close to downtown and the Corniche
  • Al Maryah Island – Located northeast of the city center, Al Maryah Island is one of the newest areas of Abu Dhabi and it’s quickly growing into the city’s second and more modern city center
  • Al Zahiyah and Al Markaziyah – Otherwise known as the Tourist Club Area, these areas are situated right alongside the Corniche and are among the most popular areas for a lively city atmosphere
  • Al Karamah – This is the neighborhood to go to for the international food venues, shopping and family-friendly activities