POCO welcomes you to explore Abu Dhabi’s many activities

Abu Dhabi, which translates to ‘Land of the Gazelle’ in Arabic, is a modern metropolis surrounded by desert, mountains and the Arabian Gulf, brimming with unique experiences. Here in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, you will find traditional culture and heritage alongside modern architecture and awesome leisure activities.

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, Abu Dhabi is made up of three main regions: the city and its surroundings, Al Ain in the Eastern region and Al Dhafra in the Western region. Because of its geographically diverse scenery, Abu Dhabi is often a pleasant surprise for visitors to explore.

You can stroll among ancient forts, gleaming palaces and beautiful mosques, kayak through mangroves, visit architectural landmarks, museums, galleries and ancient UNESCO heritage sites, go on a wildlife safari or a desert safari, wander among palm trees in centuries-old oases, get your adrenaline on at adventure and theme parks, swim in the Arabian Gulf, shop in out-of-this-world malls and be awestruck by the beauty and expanse of the desert.

Abu Dhabi Activities

The city

Abu Dhabi has an inexhaustible list of experiences and activities for visitors, whether you are looking for romance, relaxation, history, culture, art, thrill rides, gastronomy, shopping, nature pursuits or family-friendly activities. There is lots to explore and you can easily and safely do this on your own, or you can choose to take one of the many curated trips on land, sea or in the air. Top ten things to see:

The desert

There are plenty of desert activities for guests of all ages. A desert safari is a firm favorite among visitors to Abu Dhabi as it allows you to round up many activities in one trip, such as dune bashing, dining in a Bedouin camp, star gazing, quadbike riding, dune buggy riding, sand boarding, camel riding, henna tattooing, shisha smoking and photo sessions in kandura or abaya, the traditional Arabian attires. You can also go camping in the desert – the proper word here would be glamping – or book a night at one of the luxurious resorts, way out in the desert complete with five-star amenities beyond your wildest dreams.

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, go out to the Empty Quarter and get carried away by the serenity of the endless desert. For the aspiring adventurer in search of natural wonders, the rolling dunes are a compelling reason to visit this remarkable destination. Just don’t get lost.

The sea

Abu Dhabi is an archipelago made up of over 200 islands, and a swim in the glittering waters of the Arabian Gulf should be at the top of your list. From fall through spring, Abu Dhabi’s beaches become one of the city’s main tourist attractions. You can chill in the turquoise sea or get into some heart-pumping water sports. There are numerous beaches, both public and private, and beach clubs to choose from, for couples, families and partygoers, so you should be able to find your own personal favorite. Then all you need to do is soak up the sun, sea, salt and sand. If you’re lucky, you might spot dolphins playing in the sea or some critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtles.

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