POCOS make sure to get a taste of Dubai’s varied and trendy nightlife scene

Dubai has a very exciting and diverse nightlife scene that offers something for everyone. From traditional British pubs, late night al-fresco dining spots and sports bars to trendy nightclubs, live music venues and VIP cinemas, nightlife in Dubai caters to everything from casual evenings with your special someone to glamourous nights out with friends.

You will not be disappointed with the vibrant nightlife scene in Dubai with top notch venues located across the city. Well-known for its impressive line-up of international DJ’s, music concerts and festivals, there is always something on in this dynamic city.

What’s very different about nightlife in Dubai compared to other big cities around the world is that, because of local licensing laws, most venues are associated with a hotel. The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 years old and you have to be over 21 to enter a nightlife venue, which in some places applies to late night dining as well. It’s also very important to note that Dubai has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving, so if you’re planning a night out that involves the consumption of alcohol, make sure to take a taxi or uber on your way home to avoid hefty fines or even jailtime.

TGIT instead of TGIF!

What’s also different about Dubai nightlife is that the most popular nights out are on Thursday and Friday with the official weekend being Friday and Saturday, so that may take some gettting used to when planning your evenings! Tuesday is also a popular day of the week with many of Dubai’s bars and pubs offering Ladies Nights which often means free drinks for ladies or special promotions on beverages.

Dubai really comes alive in the evenings and dinner reservations can be made up until close to midnight at many venues. Restaurants typically open around 7:00pm while nightclubs and late-night venues opening around 9:00 or 10:00pm. Most bars and clubs in Dubai close at 3:00am with only very few exceptions for a later closing.

Happening hotspots

There are many popular nightlife hotspots in Dubai, located all across the city, with many being part of an exciting destination in their own right. Here are three areas in Dubai that offer lots to see and do at night:

Dubai Nightlife
  1. Dubai Marina – Built around a man-made canal that connects to the sea, Dubai Marina is located in ‘new Dubai’ featuring an impressive skyline of over 100 skyscrapers. This upmarket residential area is home to many of the city’s luxury hotels and is popular with young professionals and expat families that prefer urban apartment living. Lively bars, restaurants and lounges sprawl the Marina Walk with some of the best restaurants and popular nightlife spots in Dubai situated in the buildings that line the waterfront
  2. Dubai International Financial Center – Fondly known as DIFC, this is the city’s financial district, home to some of the region’s biggest banks, corporate offices and consultancy firms. Lively during the day with business lunches and coffee runs, DIFC comes alive after business hours as well with local residents enjoying after work drinks and lively nights out. Some of the city’s most popular high-end restaurants can be found here as well
  3. Downtown Dubai – Centered around Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai has a sophisticated nightlife scene, with many of the district’s best venues offering spectacular views of the Dubai Fountains with its light and sound shows throughout the evening