Dubai cinemas – world-class entertainment that’s on another level POCOs

You probably think that if you’ve seen one cinema, you’ve seen them all, but nothing could be less true in Dubai, where they have taken cinemas to a whole new level. Urban entertainment at its best, you can have an ultraluxury night out at a Dubai cinema without breaking the bank.

Dubai is home to a large number of cinemas which cater for its highly diverse and multicultural population. Going to the movies is a popular pastime for Dubai residents all year-round, with cinema screenings taking place from early in the morning to very late at night. Most movies are screened in English, but Dubai’s cinemas also offer movies in Arabic, Hindi and Tagalog as widely spoken languages in the city.

Many of Dubai’s cinemas are located in the city’s shopping malls or are part of larger entertainment destinations in the city, and some are located in hotels. Some of the most well-known cinemas in Dubai include Novo Cinemas, Reel Cinemas and VOX Cinemas.

From the latest movies to the biggest blockbusters, cinemas in Dubai screen them all. Make sure to check out Dubai’s movie ratings for suitable viewing ages before booking your tickets as recommended viewing ages may differ from your own country, and films may be subject to censorship by local authorities.

Dubai Cinema

This city has taken movie entertainment to another level with several cinemas in Dubai offering truly unique movie experiences. At Reel Cinemas you can book your own private screening to treat your family and friends to a special day out, or you can take your kids to Junior Reel with movies and a cinema environment designed just for them with special kids’ meals and fun beanbag seats.

At VOX Cinemas in Dubai, you can book a sensory friendly screening, ideal for those with sensory needs, for an inclusive movie entertainment experience. With less seats, increased auditorium lighting and lower volume, this is the ideal environment to enjoy a movie in a sensory safe and comfortable environment.

Or how about a Snow cinema experience in Dubai? VOX Cinemas has teamed up with Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates to offer a true one-of-a-kind movie experience set in winter wonderland. Complete with hot chocolate, this is a not to be missed movie night!

Novo Cinemas in Dubai offer not just 3D movie experiences and 4D screenings, they have introduced a 7-star luxury cinema experience that comes with a private VIP lounge, personal butler service, a fine-dining menu, fully reclining automated seats and wait for it, valet parking service in select locations. Have you heard the phrase ‘only in Dubai?’, here is why!

If that’s not enough, how about a gold class cinema experience in Dubai where you can watch your favorite movie while picking from a menu designed by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes? If you like lobster, foie gras or roasted cod, then THEATRE by Rhodes is right for you, available at VOX Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates.