POCO warning: Dubai will bring out the shopaholic in you

If there was an award for the world’s greatest shopping city, Dubai would be crowned the supreme winner. From traditional souks to hypermodern shopping centres, you can buy absolutely everything in Dubai. Let’s not forget either that there is no tax in Dubai and the VAT is only 5%. So, get your credit card out.

Shopping is a national pastime in Dubai; a city where you can shop haute couture and designer brands from around the world in shiny, air-conditioned mega malls alongside old-school souks selling traditional crafts.

Known world-wide for its glamourous and grandiose shopping scene, Dubai is home to one of the world’s largest shopping centers, the Dubai Mall, and impressive developments that range from entire shopping neighborhoods to modest outlet malls, souks and open-air markets. Whether you’re seeking clothing, electronics, souvenirs, jewelry or the latest gear for your children, this shopping haven truly has it all. Warning – you might not be able to rein in the shopaholic in you.

Dubai Shopping