POCO alert: Hassle-free shopping with and for children in Dubai

Anywhere you go and whatever shopping centre or mall you visit in Dubai, children will be catered to. Both in terms of shops for children and entertainment for children. It is no hassle at all to go shopping with kids here. Promise.

With the abundance of shopping options in Dubai, you will have no problem finding kids clothes, toys, sneakers, books, football shirts, tutus and all the other items your kids have been coveting from afar. Products and brands not available in your home country, you will almost certainly be able to find here. Children’s fashion is huge and on trend in Dubai with a massive selection of haute couture, designer, brand names and high-street clothes and accessories.

Visit Dubai Mall with children

Before you start stressing about taking your kids to the world’s largest mall, we will let you in on a few tips. The clever thing about Dubai Mall is that the space is divided into retail zones, so once you find the children’s area, every possible store and brand will be located in the same, smaller area, meaning you don’t have to drag your kids all over this huge mall.

Dubai Shopping Kids

Another option is to “park” your kids at KidZania, is an award-winning children’s edutainment concept in the form an interactive mini city that combines play with learning in a fun and innovative way. The activities are suited to children 4-16 years old, and they can stay and play for as long as they want.

Global Village

A fun shopping alternative is Global Village, a little outside Dubai. It is a family destination for leisure, shopping and entertainment. In separate pavilions, it combines the cultures of 90 countries across the world in one place. It has about six million visitors yearly with an exceptionally affordable admission fee. The open-air village is divided into four main sections: events and concerts, carnivals, food and shopping.