POCO user alert: Three reasons to explore Dubai by Cab- Convenience, Comfort and Cashless

Taxi services in Dubai are regulated by the government and cabs are widely and readily available across all areas of the city. Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), part of the Road & Transportation Authority (RTA), has a fleet of more than 10,000 government licensed vehicles that operate 24/7, all year round. Dubai taxis are metered, air-conditioned and affordable making it an easy, safe and efficient way to get around the city.

Need a ride? Simply hail one of Dubai’s official cream-coloured taxis on the street or book your cab in advance through the Dubai Taxi Corporation dispatch centre. Many of Dubai’s public places, including airports, shopping malls, entertainment centres, hospitals and metro stations, have dedicated and clearly marked taxi areas making drop-off and pick-up super smooth and easy. All taxis in Dubai now accept cashless payments with Nol cards (Dubai’s public transportation card system), credit cards and via Apple and Samsung Pay.

Looking for luxury?

Dubai Taxi Corporation, along with many independent private companies in the city, offer luxury, chauffeur-driven limousine services to get around the city in style or transport you to and from the other Emirates in the UAE.

Enjoy your ride in Dubai from the comfort of a luxury vehicle to get to that important client meeting in time without stress, or to arrive in style at one of the many sporting, music and entertainment events in town.

Dubai Cab

Ladies (and families) only!

Dubai is a frontrunner in so many ways and the city’s dedicated Ladies and Families taxi service is testament to that. Dubai Taxi Corporation’s famous ‘pink taxis’ are driven by an all-female team of drivers and these spacious taxis are exclusive for use by ladies and families of all nationalities. They are available at Dubai International Airport for direct pick-up and can be reserved in advance from anywhere else.

‘Special wheel for a special need’

Dubai Taxi Corporation offers bespoke and comfortable taxi services for people with special needs through its People of Determination taxi service called a ‘Special wheel for a special need’. These taxis can be distinguished by their size, red roofs, and universal special needs blue icon placed on the side passenger doors and the taxi’s back window.

Prefer to Uber your way around?

No worries, ride-sharing apps are available at your fingertips in Dubai through Uber and local service provider Careem. You can now even book an official Dubai Taxi via the Careem app through the ‘Hala’ service without having to contact the dispatch centre.

Dubai Taxi

5 reasons why Dubai taxis are a great way to get around the city:

  1. It’s very easy to find one just about anywhere! Simply hail one of the many official Dubai taxis on the street when and where it’s safe to do so, or book your ride in advance
  2. Dubai taxis have a Government regulated fare system and all official taxis are metered so you are aware of the fares and fees you will need to pay. Fares are calculated on distance with a standard base fare depending on the time of day
  3. You will find that taxis in Dubai are very reasonably priced compared to other big cities around the world making it an affordable and painless way to get around
  4. It’s easy to use taxis in combination with Dubai’s public transportation system including the metro, tram and bus network. You can pay for your taxi with the Nol public transportation card making your journey seamless and cashless
  5. With dedicated taxi services for ladies & families and people of determination, taxis make getting around this modern metropole safe, easy and comfortable