Car sharing – An easy & eco-friendly way to POCO your way in Dubai

Need a car in Dubai but for less than the standard 24-hour rental period? Or do you want to have access to wheels when you’re next in town, but already know you will only use it on a couple of occasions for just a few hours? In this case using a car sharing service in Dubai could be your most economical and flexible way to get around the city.

Having (access to) a car in Dubai is super convenient, as the city is made for driving, but if you’re only going to use a car a few times for a couple of hours, renting a car in Dubai might not be your most economical option. Car sharing services are now widely available in Dubai, giving you more flexibility when it comes to hitting the road in the city and they are super easy to access and use.

Dubai Car Sharing

Changing the way we drive

As opposed to a minimum rental period typically found at traditional car rental companies, a car sharing service allows you to access a vehicle for only the time you need it. You pay for the car by the minute or hour, through a self-service model that’s either accessible online or through a dedicated App on your mobile phone. This way, you don’t have to book far in advance, don’t need to visit an office or rental agency and you won’t be tied to traditional office or operating hours. Sounds easy? It sure is! Simply select the car sharing service that best suits your needs for your trip to Dubai, get online to check for available cars close to you, reserve one and pick it up from the designated area or have it delivered to you. Enjoy your drive!

There are several car sharing services in Dubai, including FriendyCar, Ekar, UDrive and Ezhire. Each of them has their own unique advantages and perks depending on what you are looking for, ranging from free public parking in Dubai and cars delivered to your doorstep, to fuel-inclusive rates, by-the-minute and hour rentals, and super affordable weekly and monthly rental offers.

Dubai Car Sharing

Dubai’s car sharing services are not just popular with tourists and visitors, many of the city’s residents have started taking advantage of the flexibility and affordability these innovative mobility services offer, giving them instant access to a car when and where they need it without having to own one. Worth mentioning as well, is the fact that research has shown that car sharing services are an eco friendlier way of getting around a city’s busy roads, making it a great option for the conscious traveller and resident alike.

Car sharing services are definitely on the rise with the launch of new services in Dubai in recent years, and partnerships formed, to stimulate the use of this innovative mobility solution. If you haven’t tried car sharing yet, maybe your next visit to Dubai is the ultimate opportunity to do so! Happy driving.