Enrich your experience in Dubai by renting a car with POCO Pocket Concierge

Is it a good idea to rent a car in Dubai? Yes absolutely! With so much to see, do and explore during your stay, renting a car in Dubai is an easy, convenient and affordable way to get around the city. The best thing is, you don’t have to just stick to driving on the Emirate’s uber high-quality roads; why not take the chance to go off-roading in the Dubai desert on your next trip? It’s one of the most popular pastimes for local citizens and residents alike and a great opportunity to explore everything this amazing city has to offer.

You could of course rely on public transportation, including taxis, but having your own rental car in Dubai gives you far more freedom and flexibility and it’s a very comfortable way to get around. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see a lot more of the city with a rental car as public transportation doesn’t cover all areas of Dubai, giving you the opportunity to explore the best local spots and sights outside of the central areas of interests and the main tourist attractions.  Also, with POCO in your pocket you get to unlock everything Dubai has to offer with the best local insider tips, promotions, special events and offers.

Car rental in Dubai is easy with a plethora of options available ranging from compact and economy rentals to suit any budget, to luxury vehicles and dreamy sports cars. As a city that prides itself on convenience and quality, renting a car in Dubai is a great option and you can do so directly at the airport where most of the world’s top rental brands are represented, or simply have one delivered to you at your hotel or local address in the city.

Dubai Rentalcars

Three more reasons to rent a car in Dubai:

  1. Don’t speak Arabic? No problem! There are people of more than 200 different nationalities working and living in Dubai and all road signs in the city are bilingual in Arabic and English making renting a car and using the roads very easy
  2. You will like the petrol prices! For most people travelling to Dubai- especially those coming from Europe- petrol prices are lower than they’re used to hence renting a car in Dubai is a great and affordable option
  3. Unlike many other big metropoles around the world, Dubai was designed for driving and parking spaces are plentiful, easy to find and cheap. VIP and valet parking are a way of life in Dubai and these services are therefore widely available (and used!) at luxury hotels, shopping malls and other popular spots and attractions across the city. Another reason to rent a car in Dubai!
Dubai Rentalcars

Five important do’s and don’ts when it comes to car rental in Dubai

  1. You must be 18 years old to drive a car in Dubai and 21 years old to rent a car
  2. Dubai has a sophisticated and fully automated road toll system called Salik. You pay every time you pass a Salik gate, which is administrated through a sticker on the front window of your rental car. All Salik gates are clearly signposted and if you’re using Google maps, the App will give you alternative non-toll routes where available. Keep this in mind for your car rental budget!
  3. If you’re thinking of doing some dune bashing whilst you’re in Dubai, make sure to check with your car rental company before you do so, to ensure it’s is permitted as part of your car rental agreement. Off-roading is a lot of fun, but it requires special driving skills. Also, don’t go into the desert on your own, always make sure to go at least in pairs for navigation and safety purposes
  4. Do not use hand gestures as they are not encouraged in the UAE. They can easily be misunderstood, especially in a multicultural destination like Dubai
  5. Don’t drink and drive! Dubai has a Zero Tolerance Law with high penalties and fines when it comes to driving under the influence.